Beware the Ides of March.

Yesterday was Pi day. In high school, as a member of Mu Alpha Theta, I was part of a very overzealous group of fellow pi celebrants. In honor of Pi Day this year, I ate a fried apple pie from the wheel of nutrition at work. Also, the symbol for Pi (∏) kind of looks like my initials. I could almost say it's a spiritual bond...

Pi Day is also Ides of March Eve. Last year on this day I remember meeting a man named Caesar and being totally floored by the coincidence.

This year on the Ides of March I almost got arrested, but thanks to a powerful combination of education in media law and irresistable charm, I was not arrested.

Actually, I lie; those two things had nothing to do with me not being arrested... okay, well, maybe just a little bit... but it had everything to do with a misunderstanding of jurisdiction. And I will leave it at that.

Until next time, I leave you all with a picture of the cutest couple to ever grace this earth:

Ma and Pa Thrift. Married March 16, 28 years today.

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