inaugural state of the blog address

I feel like I should take a bottle of champagne and break it over my laptop just to celebrate these first moments of this blog's life. But, for obvious reasons, I won't.

Have you ever noticed, on those sporadic occasions where you see photographs of other photographers, usually lined up at a sporting event, completely oblivious that anyone is taking THEIR photo, that either all or almost all the photographers are men?

I actually didn't, at least it wasn't an observation that I clearly noted in my head, until last night before shooting the UConn women's basketball game against Louisville at Gampel Pavilion in Storrs, when another female photographer brought it to my attention, along with two other female photographers present. The topic actually came up once we all sat down and realized, "Hey, we outnumber the guys! This is a sporting event! Impossible!"

...And then we brushed eachother's hair and talked about everybody's outfits at the Grammys!!!


We talked about the upcoming Women in Photojournalism Conference in August in Austin, TX. We talked about the little annoyances that we experience as women that none of our male colleagues would understand, just as I'm sure our male colleagues have annoying experiences that we as women would never understand. Anyway, it was a good time. A very rare occasion, but a good time.

When we went back to our desks, an old man approached one of the male photographers, looked at all the women photographers' pretty faces, and said to the male photographer, "They just keep getting younger, and you keep getting older."