Early Spring

High School Hockey

Her name is Lola

One thing that I do a LOT while on the job is DRIVE. And when you drive as a newspaper photographer you're looking around for things out of the ordinary. The other day I was driving around Naugatuck looking for pot holes (glamorous, I know) and I noticed a little beagle sniffing its way up the street. I figured someone was with the dog and I found a pot hole, so I pulled over to shoot that, and I drove up the road to see if the dog was alone, and sure enough she ran out in front of my car. So I picked her up, and for the 10 minutes that she kept me company as I went to her vet's office (which was closed), and then to a cop car, we became friends. The next day I checked to see if she made it home and she did. =)


Factories are beautiful

I may have lost some of my hearing on this assignment, but getting to shoot in such a visually overwhelming place was worth it.