Two firsts: Boxing, Casino

A local guy had his pro debut at Mohegan Sun the other night. As far as I and anyone else knew, the one fight I was there to shoot was going to be at the beginning of the entire match, which began at 7:30.

It didn't begin until 10 minutes to midnight. I spent almost six entire hours ringside at the first boxing match I had ever been to, in the first casino I had ever been to. It was like a weird Alice in Wonderland kind of dream, with my mentor being the boxing commission doctor next to me who had better one-liners than even Mr. Jamison Bazinet, and was very kind to explain to me how boxing is scored. After the first round of the first fight, I felt somehow morally wrong for watching two met beat the crap out of each other. Fast forward six hours and I was ready for a confessional. I'm really pleased with the shots I came back with though, and I couldn't help but feel really happy for Ron Scott, Jr., the local guy, who won the fight.

I took pictures of other matches too though, so stay tuned for those!