iTunes withdrawal.

My second replacement iPod (my third since its original purchase in April 2005) died a few days ago, and its demise was exactly the same as the last two! And of course, this time, the warranty has run out even though this iPod is only six months old. Apparently they only count from the original purchase.

Anyway, the death of the iPod came just a day after I sent away my iBook G4 to the iBook hospital to get a SuperDrive installed on it so I can burn DVDs of my raw files.

I depended on my iPod for music on the road, and my laptop for music at home. I figured I would be okay sending away the laptop since I have my iPod, of whose imminent death I was unaware of.

Now I am music-less. . . . and on hold for the fifth time with Apple. But I must say their technical support is surprisingly pleasant. I just always feel like they're on my side. Personally I think its due to a feeling of guilt they have from the decreasing quality of their product. My first iPod lasted for 12 months, the second for 8, and this one for 6.