Beware the Ides of March.

Yesterday was Pi day. In high school, as a member of Mu Alpha Theta, I was part of a very overzealous group of fellow pi celebrants. In honor of Pi Day this year, I ate a fried apple pie from the wheel of nutrition at work. Also, the symbol for Pi (∏) kind of looks like my initials. I could almost say it's a spiritual bond...

Pi Day is also Ides of March Eve. Last year on this day I remember meeting a man named Caesar and being totally floored by the coincidence.

This year on the Ides of March I almost got arrested, but thanks to a powerful combination of education in media law and irresistable charm, I was not arrested.

Actually, I lie; those two things had nothing to do with me not being arrested... okay, well, maybe just a little bit... but it had everything to do with a misunderstanding of jurisdiction. And I will leave it at that.

Until next time, I leave you all with a picture of the cutest couple to ever grace this earth:

Ma and Pa Thrift. Married March 16, 28 years today.


Northern Short Course 2007 -Warwick, RI

This was the first short course I had ever been to, and I learned so much and I really can't wait to use what I learned on the field. And after the workshops there was the "Suite Life Party," thrown by John Harrington of DC. I personally thought it was one of the coolest parties I have ever been to, but when I explained to my friends about the set-up with the studio lights, printer, computer, slideshow, and mini Aqua Teen Boston bombs hung around the place, they told me it sounded more like a geek fest.

Try 1. I blinked. I also blinked when the guy who gave the workshop on location lighting, David Hobby, took a "portrait" of me during the workshop as an example. This is why I work BEHIND the camera.

Try 2.



the monkey

I've been busy editing the photos (that I shot on film...what's that?) from Panama, but in the meantime I thought I would share these pictures. This endangered squirrel monkey was hanging out with his owner, an indigenous street vendor in the Casco Viejo section of Panama City, when I decided to take some photos of the owner with the monkey on his shoulder. I got closer and closer with every frame I shot, until the monkey decided he liked MY shoulder better.

I felt kind of bad after I later found out the monkey was endangered. There's only one park in Panama where they're protected. All their other habitats, especially in the Darien jungle, are being quickly destroyed, or the monkeys themselves are being taken by well-meaning street vendors to help sell their merchandise. I think these monkeys can only be found in Panama and/or Costa Rica.

Stay tuned for more photos from Panama... AND from the Northern Short Course in Warwick, RI.